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10 Top Records in the Football World

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 Football has now become the sport of all people, from children, teenagers, and adults are a fan. Not only men, the women are also now begun to idolize football although merely watching it on the screen. After all this time, football is long known and popular, there are some records were broken from the football. Here are top 10 records in world football according to situs judi online on http://malljudi.com

1. Most Scores in Professional League

In a match involving the four teams that use round robin system, AS Adema beat SO l'Emyrne with a score of 149-0. This crazy result was happened because the players feel SO l'Emyrne AS Adema conspiracy that has managed to become champion before the two met. Then, all of SO l'Emyrne’s players were competing to score a goal into their own net. All of the149 goals were scored by the SO l'Emyrne‘s players.

2. Scorers in 1 Year Calendar

The record for most goals in a calendar was previously held by German legend, Gerd Muller. But the record has now been solved by Lionel Messi in 2012. La Pulga scored 91 goals in a calendar year.

3. Champions League Streak

The Champions League is Europe's elite competition so that everything will be recorded. Now, Real Madrid is still remains as the record holder for achieved The Champions League winners with total achievement of 10 trophies, 5 of them was won in a row.

4. The Longest Clean Sheet

The longest clean sheet record for not conceding is still held by Edwin Van Der Sar, created in the 2008/2009 season. At that time, the Dutch-born player is still a Manchester United player.

5. Most Hat Tricks

Hat trick is a condition where a person creates three goals in one match. Well, the record for most hat tricks is still held by Brazilian soccer legend Pele to note that 92 of the 650 scored a hat trick in 694 domestic league games. Besides, he also has produced 77 goals from 92 matches with the Brazilian National Team.

6. Highest Attendance

Spectators and fans is an inseparable part from the world of football. Without the presence of the supporters, the game will not be rousing. Well, it turns out the largest audience record occurred in 1950 where the game brings Uruguay against Brazil in the final of the world cup. The number of spectators who come to this game was reached to 210,000 people.

7. La Liga’s Scorers of All Time

La Liga is a football competition in Spain which is one of the best competitions in the world today. This competition would be filled by the great players from various parts of the world, to be able to play here just a matter of luck, let alone to create a record. Lionel Messi once again proved himself as the world's best player by scoring the most goals of all time with a collection of 253 goals during La Liga.

8. The Furthest Goal

The goal is most anticipated by every football fans. Not infrequently, a goal which was created by the football players amaze the audience, even included in the record. One of them was Stoke City’s goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic recorded as goal scorer so far that the furthest goal is along the 97.5-yard distance.

9. Most Champions League Medals

Champions League is the most prestigious trophy in Europe because the competition was followed by the greatest teams from several different leagues countries. No wonder if many players are craving a Champions League medal. Until now the legend of Real Madrid, Francisco Gento still holds the record for player that has the most Champions League medal, 6 pieces, all of it was won along with El Real.

10. Most International Caps

Everyone must have longed for to be included in the national team squad in their own countries. Well, most international caps record was not coming from Europe. He is an Egypt’s football player Ahmed Hassan with a total of 184 caps with the national team of his appearance.

Hybrid Human Convinces Sport for Literally Anyone

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The Prosthetic legs make David Henson had a new chapter in his life. In 2011 David’s limbs were blown off. The former of British Army Officer did something to rebuild David’s life after that accident for good. However, people were not confident because David thought that prosthetics would be in twenty first century.  David said that he thought about possibility of losing his legs. His assumptions were the prosthetics were almost similar to normal legs, and they will function well for the replacement of his foot. The additional information is that he gave his soldiers a great motivation that if people lose their legs, they will get a cool robot implant. However, when full-size microprocessor is installed, the knees will feel very different, and it is somehow weird.  

At Invictus Games last year, David becomes a captain of the Great Britain. Prince Harry launched this International Paralympic style of sport. David Henson successfully won, and get gold for 200 meters running event. Nowadays with his flip flops into the feet, David Ahenson walks with an apparent ease around a Tedworth House. Prosthetics is an illness which has helped David Henson to compete in a higher level. The price for this is $54,000 and right down flesh colored plastic. It resembles normal legs. David Henson had an opinion that it is no longer state as an art. David Henson said when he participated at Invictus Games especially in sitting volleyball and athletic that Prosthetics’ main issue is with control, power and stability. The price for prosthetic hands which have 3D printed is under $1,500. On the other hand, David Henson hopes Prosthetics bigger revolution is coming and it is driven by The Cybathlon.

Formula One for Robotics was organized by a Swiss scientist. First championships for a bionic athletes brought teams from some countries in the world. In October at Zurich, there will be an Inaugural Cybathlon. A showcase of the most up to date technologies will be offered. Professor Robert Reiner stated that main difference between Paralympics and Cybathlon is about the priority for improving daily life. Professor Robert Reiner is person who has great interest for rehabilitation. He is a developer of award winning robotics.

Reiner also stated that the Cybathlon is not only competition which wants to catch a very strong and very fast athletes but this competition is a competition where people deal with all life challenges. Reiner said that they want to provide an assistance which can tackle obstacles with a better quality in daily life. They also hope that robotic technologies can be a good choice for this. Dr. Aldo Faishal as the leader of Imperial College London’s Cybathlon said that technology is at step where people will be able to know a very effective and very fast system in the higher price point.

Reiner added that if people take Cybathlon Formula One idea and also translates technology to the real life then what people want is only form of a cost limitation. Martin Colclough a lead of sport recovery in the Help for Heroes still keeps close eyes on that important event which can improve experience of the disability sport. He said that there will be good outcomes from this.

The Champions of the World Cup Brazil 2014

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 The final match between Argentina and Germany marked the end of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Germany came out as the new world champion, Lionel Messi as the best player, and the team considered the most Fair Play throughout the tournament is part of the title of their best during the World Cup 2014. See the summary of the champions in the 2014 World Cup below.

Germany, the Winner of World Cup 2014

Germany finally managed to break the myth that developed as the first European country which managed to win on the US mainland. It is both a final wait Germany that earns the World Cup Champion in 1990. Der Panzer’s victory had been predicted following their impressive performances throughout the tournament. Germany opened the preliminary round by beating Portugal, four goals without reply. Germany was also briefly detained Ghana 2-2 in the second match day of the group winners after passing three points above the United States. Germany also had received criticism when trouble conquering Algeria. However, the Germans again showed their ability to win over France, and then managed to silence the host Brazil 7-1.

Lionel Messi, the Best Player

Lionel Messi was crowned as the tournament's best player and entitled receive the Golden Ball. To obtain this degree, Messi’s rival was quite heavy. They are Javier Mascherano, Angel Di Maria, Matts Hummels, Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller, Philipp Lahm, Neymar, James Rodriguez, and Arjen Robben. Messi's victory became controversial because he was considered not to show all his best in the tournament. However, four times being man of the match is the highest degree he got is enough compared to other players. Messi also had scored four goals in three group stage matches.

James Rodriguez, the Top Scorer

Rodriguez opened his tally calculation to breaking the deadlock in the 63rd minute against Ivory Coast. He’s contributed a goal again when the last match against Japan in the group phase. Rodriguez's two goals in the last 16 against Uruguay regarded as the best scorer in the tournament. This 22-year-old AS Monaco's player scored six goals in total during the game until the final quarter Colombia must defeat Brazil 2-1.

Winner of the Best Goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer action in the game against Algeria in the last 16 earned high praise. This also makes the supporters of Der Panzer excited to see it. Neuer is one of the many spectacular goalkeepers in Brazil's World Cup matches in 2014. Thanks to his efforts for keeping the wicket, Germany conceded just 4 goals and led the Golden Glove titles for himself at the end of the tournament.

Best Youngsters Player, Paul Pogba

He is a 21-year-old player from France that was crowned as the Best Young Player of the 2014 World Cup by FIFA's Technical Study Group. Pogba won a special award after his impressive performance into the midfield France for five performances throughout the tournament. Pogba had an important role during the match in Brazil, along with Yohann Cabaye and Blaise Matuidi, he showed off his strength, especially skill to steal the ball. His technique, as well as ball dribbling skills is above the average.

FIFA Fair Play: Colombia

FIFA Fair Play Award this time won by the Colombian national team. Colombia managed to make a surprise with the group winners and defeated Uruguay in the round of 16. Unfortunately, the Colombian national team trips should stop until the quarter-finals. During the tournament, Colombia only received 5 yellow cards and no red cards received at all.

First World Cup in Asia

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 In 1996, FIFA announced their decision of who was about to host the 2002 World Cup. And the result was a joy for Asia. Yes, it was going to be the first time that the World Cup would be hosted in Asia. And as much surprising as the selection, World Cup 2002 would also be hosted by two countries, Japan and South Korea. It was the first time, and the only one since FIFA has forbidden this kind of hosting in their statutes, in the history that two countries hosted the biggest football tournament on earth. This World Cup edition later created some surprises and interesting stories before, during and after the tournament.

The Tournament

During the preparation, Japan and South Korea prepared 10 stadiums each to host the matches from the group stages to the final. With their advanced technology, preparing world class stadiums was effortless for Japan and South Korea. The opening match was in Seoul World Cup Stadium, South Korea, while the final match was in Yokohama International Stadium, Japan.

The 32 teams participating in this World Cup were divided into eight groups of four, with top two teams in each group advancing to the second round. Irony happened in the opening match where France, the defending champion was defeated by Senegal. For the first time in their history, the host nation Japan qualified to the second round in this World Cup. The other host, South Korea even achieved a greater accomplishment as they went through to the semi finals. South Korea beat Italy in the second round with the newly introduced golden goal from Ahn Jung Hwan in the second half of the extra time. Unfortunately, later Ahn Jung Hwan, who that time played in Italian football with Perugia, got fired by his club because of that goal.

Turkey was also the country stepping their highest achievement in their history; finishing third in this tournament. That year, it was against all odds that Turkey would excel that far. But with Hakan Sukur, their lethal striker, they proved that football was more than an on-paper prediction. Turkey eliminated the host Japan and Senegal before they got defeated by Brazil in the semi finals.

In this edition, Brazil managed to be the first nation to win five titles of World Cup after beating Germany in the final, with two goals from Ronaldo. Apart from the histories this World Cup edition, some negative issues arose. Things like the heat, the time difference, and the distance the participants had to travel had become the culprit for some big countries failure in this World Cup. FIFA later thought that the co-hosting system like in 2002 World Cup was not appropriate, and they decided to no longer hold World Cup in a co-hosting system.

No matter what negative issues happened in that edition, 2002 World Cup was like a victory for the Asian, where football was very popular but never achieved more. It was the first World Cup held outside Europe and America.

Golden Age of Serie A

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 These days, when asked which major European league football lovers are really in awe of, the answer would highly probably be English Premier League or La Liga in Spain. Who don’t know MSN trio (Messi, Neymar, Suarez) in Barcelona, or BBC trio (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo) of Real Madrid. Nobody can resist the charm of the special one Jose Mourinho with his strong Chelsea, who can neglect the tight competition and drama of English Premier League? With those things, both leagues have become the center of attention in the European football business. The media never leave their highlight away from those two leagues, making them the most attractive leagues in Europe. Being the center of the football industry in Europe, it is not hard for them to attract investors. As a result, landing off star players with high price are not difficult.

Different from the current condition, Serie A, used to be on top of the European football. During the 90’s and the beginning of 2000’s, serie A reached its golden era. The Italian league was like a magnet for world class players. Stars like Marco van Basten, Lothar Matthaus, Gabriel Batistuta, Zinedine Zidane, George Weah, Ronaldo, Hernan Creso, used to play in big teams in this country. It was the era when Italian big clubs like Internazionale, AC Milan, and Juventus were racing to land expensive top players. It was not surprising that during those years, Italian teams were like kings in the European tournaments like Champions Cup, UEFA Cup or Winners Cup. During 1990 to 1999, Italian serie A sent its representative in 8 Champions Cup finals, in four of them the Italian representatives became the winners.

The Magnificent Seven

There was a time when the term “the magnificent seven” wrote its name in the Italian league. The nickname referred to seven top clubs that dominated the Italian football during the mid 90’s. Those clubs were Internazionale, Juventus, AC Milan, AS Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina, and Parma.  Internazionale (with Ronaldo and Vieri), AC Milan with (George Weah and Shevcenko), Juventus with (Zidane and Del Piero), AS Roma with (Francesco Totti), Lazio with (Veron and Chiesa), Fiorentina with (Batistuta and Rui Costa), and Parma (with Buffon and Crespo) were like an attractive bait for the media to highlight. The matches were aired all over the world, with of course million of dollars of TV rights. Money was never a problem for the “magnificent seven” of serie A to recruit stars.

The golden age of serie A lasted until the beginning of 2000’s. Italian clubs started to find it difficult to compete with other European leagues, mainly English and Spanish. Star players tend to choose to play in those two leagues, especially with the arrival of new and rich investors like Roman Abramovic. The rich club owners never hesitated to spend money in the transfer market to land world cup players. The Italian league got its hardest hit in 2006 when the calciopoli arose, the scandal of match fixing in the league. As a result of that scandal some clubs got a penalty. Juventus got relegated, AC Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio got point deduction.

Review of La Liga 2014-2015

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La liga 2014-2015
It is one of the most popular domestic football competitions in the world. La liga is also commonly known as Spanish league, BBVA league, Liga Nacional de Futbol Professional (LFP) and Primera Division. It is a Spanish football league between the highest caste clubs in Spanish. A lot of top and worldwide level players enliven this league. Inevitably information and the latest news about the schedule and results of the game are always hunted.

La liga 2014-2015 is 84 league season in the history of the la league event which began on 23 August 2014 and ended on 24 May 2015. There were 20 teams competed in La Liga this season. They are Almeria, Athletic Club, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Celta Vigo, Cordoba, Deportivo La Coruna, Eibar, Elche, Espanyol, Getafe, Granada, Levante, Malaga, Rayo Vallecano, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Valencia, and Villarreal. Moreover, Eibar, Deportivo La Coruna, and Cordoba, are clubs that won playoff promotion against Las Palmas and gained the promotion from the Segunda Division 2013-2014. The champion of this season was Barcelona who won after beating the host and defending champion, Atletico Madrid, at the Vicente Calderon Stadium, Madrid, in the 37th week match. It made Messi and his friends became champion though there was still one game remaining since their points (93 points) may not be overtaken by second-placed, Real Madrid that at the same time won over Espanyol with a score of 4-1. Lionel Messi's lone goal in the 65th minute into Atletico Madrid’s net ensured Barcelona to be the champion of La Liga.

The moments of victory

Although having a number of opportunities, tight defense and quick counterattacks, Atletico made Luis Enrique squad could not move during the first half and temporary ended 0-0. While in the second half, both teams continued to fight fiercely in the midfield. The front line of Barca which played without Luis Suarez due to his injury seemed having trouble breaking Jan Oblak goal that played brilliantly. In the 65th minute, Lionel Messi finally broke the deadlock for Barcelona. He demonstrated short ball game with Pedro. This Argentine players scored with a horizontal kick to the unattainable side of Jan Oblak. Barca was leading with 1-0. Having left behind, it made Atletico trying to attack. Unfortunately, the ball has always been successfully taken in midfield. Until the game ended, the score did not change and made Barca as the winner. 
Pichichi trophy

This trophy is given by Marca, a Spanish Newspaper to the striker who scored the most goals in a season. La Liga top scores in 2014-2015 season was successfully achieved by Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, with 48 goals. He had 5 goals closed to within of his rival Lionel Messi, who only scored 43 goals this season. The competition between this two world's best players has been established in recent years. They had taken turn earning individual titles, both as scorer as well as the world's best players.

Zamora trophy

It is also provided by Marca Newspaper to the goalkeeper who was the fewest conceded in a season. The goalkeeper must have played at least 28 games in 60 minutes or more to participate. For this season, the first rank went to Claudio Bravo from Barcelona with 19 goals of 37 games.

History of European Cup, Coming from Humble Beginnings to Become Prominent Competition

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European Cup (Euro) actually was coming from the idea of the Secretary of the French Football Federation (FFF), Henri Delaunay, in the late 1920s. At that time, Delaunay saw an imbalance between the two poles in which Latin American countries were too strong for European countries. Uruguay's national team won the gold medal at the Olympics in 1924 and 1928. In fact, Uruguay was appointed as the host of the first World Cup in 1930 in honor of his achievements. At that moment Henry Delaunay had a quite simple idea. He wanted to multiply the frequency of matches between the countries in Europe by holding a championship between countries. However, instead of approving his idea, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) hold a European club championship which wasknown as League Cup / Champions, UEFA Cup and Winners' Cup that began in 1954. It made Delaunay disappointed, upset and made him falling ill then died in November 1955. The death of one of European football elders was very surprising for the board of UEFA.

Then, in UEFA congress in 1957, the old idea of Delaunay was finally approved. The congress also selected France as the host of the first European Cup in 1960 as a tribute to Delaunay. At this event, the USSR / Russia won after beating Yugoslavia 2-1 in overtime. From that moment, it was agreed that every four years the European Cup held or can be called as "Mini World Cup". Furthermore, the participants’ number was greatly increased, for example when the second European Cup held in the Spanish in 1964. It was stated that the participants rose from 17 nations to 29 participating countries. This greatly increasing participant was caused by the influx of the United Kingdom and Italy in this grand football event in Europe.

However, the final round format was the same like the first time this event being held. They were choosing the four teams that qualify for the finals. At this time, the host – Spain – was  in the final overthrowing the defending champions, Soviet Union; with the score 2:1.

Due to the increasing participants, the format of the game was changed. Each participant must be a winner and runner-up in the group in order to be qualified for the finals. This format, then, became the standard format adopted by every European Cup event.

Here is a list of hosts and the champions of EURO tournament:
1960: France – Champion: the Soviet Union (captain: Igor Netto)
1964: Spain – Champion: Spanish (captain: Luis Suarez)
1968: Italy – Champion: Italy (captain: Giacinto Facchetti)
1972: Belgium – Champion: Germany (captain: Franz Beckenbauer)
1976: Yugoslavia – Champion: Czechoslovakia (captain: Antonin Panenka)
1980: Italy – Champion: Germany (captain: Lothar Matthäus)
1984: France – Champion: French (captain: Michel Platini)
1988: German – Champion: Dutch (captain: Ruud Gullitt)
1992: Sweden – Champion: Denmark (captain: Lars Olsen)
1996: English – Champion: German (captain: Lothar Matthäus)
2000: Belgium & Netherlands – Champion: French (captain: Didier Deschamps)
2004: Portugal – Champion: Greece (captain: Giorgios Karagounis)
2008: Austria & Switzerland – Champion: Spain (captain: Iker Cassillas)

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